Carolina Drug & Alcohol Testing

Carolina Testing is a preferred collection site for Quest Diagnostics and eScreen as well as all other drug testing laboratories nationwide.

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About Carolina Testing

Carolina Testing is founded on the principle that superior drug, alcohol and DNA testing services do not need to be a hassle for our clients – donors, businesses, organizations or anyone requiring our services are treated with dignity, respect, professionalism and confidentiality.  We provide fast, professional and friendly service in a clean and confidential environment. Our certified collectors have been trained to adhere to all Department of Transportation regulations as outlined in CFR 49 Section 40.  Federal certification exceeds the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requirements for Substance Free Workplace policies, procedures and testing.

Positioned as trusted professionals in our industry, we promote ongoing staff education and training in our fields of expertise and are steadfastly dedicated to a strict code of ethics and integrity in the performance of our duties. We pride ourselves in being a direct resource of information and education encouraging substance free workplaces and communities on a local, regional and national level.   We offer free educational seminars to schools and community organizations illustrating the dangers and damaging effects illicit drug use can play in our workplaces, families and communities. We further educate on best practices to educate, deter and prevent illicit drug use in all areas.If you wish to have us speak to your school or community organization, please contact us.