Frequently Asked Questions

Which laboratories do you work with?

We are a Quest Preferred and eScreen Preferred collection site and work with all other labs nationwide including LabCorp, MedTox, Alere, Psychemedics, USDTL, CRL, Omega, DNA Diagnostics Center and several other smaller independent labs.  We are certified to collect for all labs and third party administrators nationwide.

What is the difference between D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T.?

D.O.T. is an abbreviation for the Department Of Transportation. According to Federal Regulations (CFR 49 Part 40), all D.O.T. regulated employees must undergo pre-employment testing as well as regular random drug & alcohol testing.

Non-D.O.T. testing, also referred to as “forensic”  testing refers to any tests not regulated by the D.O.T. such as Substance Abuse Program testing, Drug Free Workplace testing, student & athlete testing, etc. Instant testing as well as lab confirmed testing is available for all non-D.O.T. tests.

Are you D.O.T. certified and compliant?

Yes. All of our professional collectors are D.O.T. certified in both drug test collections and alcohol screenings. For proof of certification including mock test completions, please contact Rapid Drug Test Systems.

Why screen my employees for drugs and alcohol?

More than 75% of drug users are currently employed. An effective drug and alcohol policy combined with random testing, supervisor training and employee education provide significant savings to the business. These savings include reduced insurance rates, lower absenteeism, reduced workplace accidents, higher employee morale and increased productivity overall. We are happy to assist in creating, implementing and managing your Drug Free Workplace Policy and Program.

Are your tests legally admissible in a court of law?

All lab confirmed and reviewed drug tests, Evidential Breath Tests conducted by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician and DNA tests with proper chain of custody paperwork are legally admissible and will withstand legal challenges. Instant drug tests that are not lab confirmed or other “do It yourself” or home tests are not legally admissible.

What areas do you serve?

We are able to serve clients nationwide through our network of providers. Our mobile/onsite testing services are available up to 100 miles from Conway, South Carolina.    Please contact us for more details.

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Carolina Drug & Alcohol Testing will assist your business, school or organization in establishing a comprehensive Substance Free Policy that is legally sound, easy to manage and cost effective.  Let our professional staff assist in setting up, managing and implementing your entire Substance Free Program.

We are an approved collection facility for drug testing companies and laboratories nationwide.

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