Drug Free Workplace:

Establishing an effective Drug Free Workplace for your company starts with a solid, legally sound, drug and alcohol policy combined with routine testing of employees to insure adherence to the policies. Carolina Drug & Alcohol Testing will assist you in creating and managing a drug and alcohol policy that works towards your company’s needs while providing the proven benefits of establishing a Drug Free Workplace. These benefits include reduced absenteeism, fewer workplace accidents, increased productivity, higher employee morale, greater customer satisfaction and reduced insurance premiums – just to name a few.


Drug Free Workplace Services Provided:


  • Drug Free Workplace Consulting

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy Creation

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Employee Education

  • Supervisor Training

  • Independent Random Selection Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing Provided:

  • Pre-Employment Testing

  • Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Post Accident Testing

  • Return To Work Testing

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Follow-up Testing

hair-follicle-drug-testLab Test Results:

All Drug Free Workplace tests are collected by urine, hair or saliva sample and sent to our SAMSHA approved lab for testing. Specimens are sent to our lab daily for confirmation. Test results from the lab are typically received in 1-2 business days.  Some results may take longer depending on a variety of factors.

Appointments Encouraged:

We accept clients without appointments on a first come, first serve, “walk-in” basis. Individuals with appointments will receive priority and will be seen prior to those without an appointment.

Mobile/On-Site Testing and Collections:

Mobile and on-site drug and alcohol testing is available. Our professional collectors will come to your designated location, prepare the testing area, conduct all tests in a timely and orderly fashion and work with you to minimize disturbances at the workplace during the collection process.