clinical services

Clinical blood draws are available with your doctor’s prescription or lab order.  Save up to 75% on retail lab work pricing compared to your local big name laboratory or clinics.  This option is great for people with high deductibles or no insurance looking for an affordable alternative and cash price per laboratory test.


blood draws

You have a choice of where you go for your blood draw when your doctor orders lab work. Our trained and certified phlebotomists are available to serve you in our offices with little to no wait time. Feel free to call for a price quote on your specific lab work needs.


urine specimens

Clinical urine specimen collections can be completed with your physician’s order or prescription. These are not urine drug screens, but clinical screens and tests ordered by your doctor.


pricing examples

To give an idea of our savings and prices the following demonstrates pricing for some of the more popular requested tests:

Basic Metabolic Panel:  $35          Comprehensive Metabolic Panel:  $37          CBC:  $35

Hemoglobin A1C:  $45                   Lipid Panel:  $45                                                PSA Total: $55

Thyroid Panel:  $45                         TSH Pregnancy:  $42                                         Hepatic Function: $35