random testing management

Random drug testing is required for all DOT regulated companies.  Depending on the agency that your company falls under you may also be required to perform random alcohol testing as well. Testing percentage rates are established every year for each individual agency and companies are required meet these random testing minimums.  Federally regulated companies as small as one employee (owner operators) are required to be part of a random testing program that meets all the requirements of 49 CFR Part 40 as well as the individual agency regulations.  Smaller companies or owner operators must be enrolled in a Consortium set up specifically for DOT random testing and manged by a Consortium Third Party Administrator (C/TPA).  Carolina Testing manages company random programs as well as a DOT Consortium to provide full service to our clients.


for owner operators and small companies

The BRAVO Consortium is a DOT compliant consortium professionally managed and maintained by Carolina Testing.  Approved members of the consortium receive a certificate of enrollment and are issued quarterly selection or non-selection reports demonstrating ongoing active standing in the consortium.  To enroll in BRAVO Consortium, click HERE.



For companies with 20 or more federally regulated employees, Carolina Testing can set up and manage a dedicated random pool to meet compliance requirements.  Management of these dedicated pools includes monthly employee updates, quarterly random selection reports and end of year reports as needed. To set up your company for DOT random drug and alcohol testing, please contact us.


current random testing rates by agency (2019)

AGENCY               DRUG                                             ALCOHOL

FAA                       25%                                                10%

FMCSA                 25%                                                 10%            

FRA                       25% Covered Service                   10%

                             50% Maintenance of Way            25%

FTA                       50%                                                 10%

PHMSA                50%                                                  Not Tested Randomly

USCG                   50%                                                  Not Tested Randomly

Source: Department of Transportation

These percentages reflect the annual percentage of the total number of employees that are required to be randomly selected and tested.  For example, a company with 100 drivers and a 25% random test rate must have at least 25 drivers randomly selected and tested per calendar year.  

A regulated employee has the same chance to be selected every time a selection is generated as they are not excluded from being selected at any point during the year.