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A DNA test is a procedure that identifies precise biological characteristics or makers that are unique to each individual. Some characteristics or markers, while unique to the individual, are also shared with blood relatives such as parents, siblings and grandparents. These shared markers allow these tests to positively identify family relations with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Legally Admissible Results:

When legally admissible results are required in cases of child support, custody or immigration matters, you can rely on our professional DNA collection staff to follow strict identification and chain of custody requirements. If these specific procedures are not followed, your results cannot be used in a court of law.


PATERNITY (standard & pre-natal)







We understand and respect the personal and confidential nature of some DNA tests. DNA testing can be completed in our private testing room at our office or in another suitable space. DNA test results are delivered immediately and directly to the client or their representative.

Lab Test Results:

Standard DNA tests are performed by non-invasive cheek swab collected and sent to our AABB accredited lab. Non-invasive pre-natal tests are performed via a simple blood draw from the mother and cheek swab collection from the alleged father. Confidential results are delivered in 3-5 business days for standard tests and 7-10 business days fro pre-natal results.

Appointments Encouraged:

We accept clients without appointments on a first come, first serve, “walk-in” basis. Individuals with appointments will receive priority and will be seen prior to those without an appointment.  Appointments are required for all pre-natal paternity tests.


dna-swabMobile/On-Site Testing and Collections:

Mobile and on-site DNA testing is available for a nominal additional fee. Our professional collectors are available to come to your designated location and collect the specimen(s) required. Our certified collectors arrive in an unmarked, unidentified vehicle to insure your personal privacy.