substance free workplace

Establishing an effective Substance Free Workplace for your company starts with a solid, legally sound, drug and alcohol policy combined with routine testing of employees to insure adherence to the policies. Carolina Testing will assist you in creating and managing a drug and alcohol policy that works towards your company’s needs while providing the proven benefits of establishing a Substance Free Workplace. These benefits include reduced absenteeism, fewer workplace accidents, increased productivity, higher employee morale, greater customer satisfaction and reduced insurance premiums – just to name a few.


substance free workplace consulting

We work with owners and decision makers to educate them on the importance of a solid substance free workplace program and the pitfalls of not having the right tools in place.  We seek to learn about our client’s needs, concerns and expectations and use this information to develop and implement a substance free workplace program that protects the company from liability and promotes the health, well being and safety of the employees, customers, company and community.  


policy development and creation

An effective drug and alcohol policy is not a standard form document.  It is a policy that must take into consideration the company’s needs, concerns and expectations. A drug and alcohol policy should address every possible scenario a company may face while promoting a substance free workplace and protecting the company from libelous claims.  DOT regulated companies are required to have a drug and alcohol and testing policy in place that addresses the many DOT requirements and regulations of 49 CFR Part 40.


employee education and supervisor training

Employee education programming on the dangers and effects of substance abuse and how it effects their personal lives, family, workplace and community provides a valuable tool to improve awareness, productivity and safety in the workplace. Supervisor training to detect and handle substance use and abuse in the workplace is required for DOT supervisors and highly recommended for non-regulated companies as well.  Our programs are engaging, lively and interactive.


complete program management

Implementing a substance free workplace program has many moving parts. Our systems help our clients to manage the various aspects of policy enforcement, testing and results reporting.  Management services include secure online ordering, status updates and result reporting of drug and alcohol testing. We also provide independent random testing program management and DOT regulated C/TPA Consortium services for companies in all industries.