DRug & alcohol testing

Professional drug and alcohol testing services are available to assist many areas of need. Some of these areas include:

Federally Regulated Companies                               Substance Abuse Programs
Private Companies & Businesses                             School & Sports Teams
Individual & Families                                                  Non-Profit Organizations 
Attorneys & Courts                                                     Social Service Agencies

We pride ourselves in working directly with our clients to learn more about their specific needs and concerns and then meeting those needs.  From a standard drug test to a custom drug test panel or an alcohol test with an extended window of detection, we have the ability to get the testing you need.    

Drug testing services are available through a wide range of specimens including urine, hair follicle, fingernails and/or saliva. Alcohol testing services are available using breath, saliva, blood spot, urine, hair and fingernail specimens. The window of detection varies depending on the type of test chosen.


When testing for employment related purposes, drug testing should be limited to the following reasons:

  • Pre-Employment         
  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Post Accident
  • Return To Duty
  • Follow Up
  • Promotion

windows of detection depending on specimen type

Specimen Type              Drug Detection            Alcohol Detection         

Urine Specimen              2-3 days*                        Up to 72 hours

Blood Specimen              1-3 days                          Up to 3 weeks with PeTH test

Saliva Specimen              1-3 days                          Current impairment only (breath or saliva)

Hair Follicle Specimen    Up to 90 days                Up to 90 days

Fingernail Specimen       Up to 6 months             Up to 90 days

*Frequent marijuana use can be detected in urine for 30 days or more.