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legal & court testing

Testing for legal or court related matters demands the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Our staff is fully trained in chain of custody processes in order to maintain the integrity of the specimens we collect.  Collectors also follow federally approved collection procedures when collecting these specimens.  Attorneys, legal representatives, investigators, guardian ad litems and judges have a variety of special requests for the testing services offered by Carolina Testing. Even in the most extreme cases, we are able to provide testing services where others may fail to be able to do so.  


customized drug testing

Standard drug testing services may suit most needs, but some cases may require specific testing for specific substances of abuse.  We work with attorneys, agents and judges by providing accurate, up to date information on the types of drug testing services available.  This may include specialty testing such as exposure testing to determine if a child has been exposed to drug use, a date rape drug test panel, testing for poisons or a custom panel targeting a specific drug of concern.


wide range of alcohol testing options

Has a person consumed alcohol in the past 72 hours, 3 weeks or 3 months? Are they currently under the influence of alcohol? Choosing the correct test to get this information can be critical to a case.  Educating our clients on their best options based on their specific needs is what we do best.  With a wide range of testing options to detect alcohol use and abuse, our clients always get the correct results.


paternity testing is not always straight forward

DNA Paternity Testing is typically a pretty simple process.  Getting valid, legally defensible specimens for testing can be a tricky matter in most cases.  Whether the presumed father is in a different state or country, deceased, refuses to test – we help our clients choose the best testing services available to get them the results they need.  With an international network of over 7,000 DNA collection sites nationwide, we can order a legal specimen collection anywhere in the USA or abroad.


pricing and service order requests

Requesting testing services has never been easier.  Simply download our service request form and send it to our office prior to the client arriving for testing.  We handle the rest.  


Pricing       Service Request Form