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Use this online tool to get your account setup for services with Carolina Testing. 


This is the main contact person who will be authorized to order services and receive confidential test results.
This fax must be a secure fax if it is to be used for receiving drug test results.
Please choose all areas your authorized representative is permitted access to.
All billing is generated on a monthly basis for the prior month services.



Choose all services that your company will need for this account. You can select more than one service in each category. Please refer to your confidential service and fee schedule for pricing.
Did you know that random drug testing provides for a 5% discount on worker's compensation premiums in the state of SC?
*Credit Checks require special handling and set up fees.
By entering my name into this document, I affirm that I am an authorized agent of the company and have full and complete authority to enter into this agreement. I agree to adhere to and be subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document.