To Test or Not To Test

That is the question…


In our capacity as a drug and alcohol testing professionals,  we have come across many business owners and employers that have outright refused to drug test their employees or applicants because they feel that doing so would cause them to lose half or more of their current employees and significantly reduce their overall applicant pool.  When asked what makes them think that, they answer with complete confidence that the kind of people they employ are frequently found to be users of marijuana, and as a result, would never pass a drug test.  Sadly, we have to agree – they probably wouldn’t pass a typical drug test.

Fact of the matter is, there are some industries that are more likely to employ
users of marijuana. These are typically lower paid jobs or hard labor type jobs such as landscapers, restaurant workers, hospitality workers, construction laborers, etc.   Employers and business owners in these, and similar industries often struggle to find enough help to meet demand and simply make the executive decision to eliminate drug testing altogether.


Then we ask them the only question left to ask – 

“So you trust a crystal meth user, cocaine addict, pill popper or heroin junkie to take care of your customers, drive your company vehicles and represent your company to general public?”  

Without fail, the answer is a quick, “no way, of course not.” Our reply is just as quick… then why aren’t you testing for those drugs? 








With states across the country legalizing marijuana use for medicinal and recreational use, the stigma of marijuana users has decreased dramatically and marijuana use has become more acceptable overall in society.  We are not here to debate whether employers and business owners should be testing for marijuana or not. There are pros and cons on both sides of that question and that decision must ultimately be made by the individual employer.  




The primary goal of Carolina Testing is to serve our clients and meet their specific needs.  The need for a drug screen that tests for drugs of concern for a specific employer has never been greater than it is today.  As a result, we have introduced a custom drug test options that does not test for the marijuana metabolite known as THC.  This test is available as a rapid urine test, providing negative test results to the employer within 15 minutes. 

To learn more about your company’s employee screening options and how Carolina Testing can customize an employee screening program to meet your individual needs, give us a call at 843-972-3287, send us a text message, or shoot us an email today.

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