PARENT ALERT:  Check Your Mail – Pink Being Shipped To Homes Via US Postal Service


U-47700, also known as Pink, is a synthetically manufactured opiate that was first invented in the 1970’s and tested in the 80’s on animals. The drug, nicknamed “Pink” because of the pinkish color of the powdery substance and/or pill form has never been approved for medical use, but it has found its way onto the streets of New York and North Carolina in recent months as the nation’s heroin and opiate epidemic rages on. The pills found on the streets resemble manufactured oxycodone immediate-release tabs.   The problem, of course is that users, expecting oxycodone like results find themselves battling for their life as “Pink” belongs to a family of deadly synthetic opioids with up to eight times more potency than morphine.

Pink is being manufactured overseas and has been tracked to illicit labs located in China. This drug is toxic to the touch and has been fatal in small doses when ingested. Often found combined with other drugs such as heroin and fentanyl,  Pink is an internet search away and available for purchase online creating yet another chemically manufactured drug with truly deadly consequences for those looking to “experiment” with drug use. The US Drug Enforcement Administration has classified U-47700 as a schedule I drug determining the drug to have high potential for abuse and no approved medical use. Pink is just one of several manufactured, synthetic, chemical based drugs commonly referred to as “designer” drugs.  We prefer to call them “fatal” drugs.  Users experimenting with drugs for the first time can and do come into contact with these types of drugs and death is often the end result.

For more information on the scheduling of Pink, read the DEA news release.

Early intervention and testing is critical to helping those experimenting, using or abusing drugs. For more information or assistance, please call or text 843-972-3287 or contact us.