DNA Paternity TestingDNA paternity testing is an important genetic test that determines the biological father of a child. DNA is received from our biological parents — half from our mother and half from our father. A DNA paternity test compares the child’s DNA patterns with that of the alleged father to determine if there is a genetic match confirming or denying paternity.

Choosing a DNA paternity test where the results will be used as a legal document is an important choice.  You should make sure that the test being conducted is a Legal DNA Paternity Test.  A Legal DNA Paternity Test involves strict documentation and guidelines starting with the specimen collection, transporting the specimens to an accredited laboratory, and the testing process itself.  The specimens must be accounted for during every step of the process through legal chain of custody procedures in order to have the results accepted by the courts.

Some common reasons for Legal DNA Testing include:pregnancy-test72

  • child support
  • child custody
  • birth certificate changes
  • immigration
  • will / estate proceedings
  • court order
  • adoption
  • tax forms / dependents


At the very minimum, the alleged father and the child will need to have saliva specimens collected via cheek swab in order to complete a DNA paternity test.  The mother is encouraged to also provide a specimen to produce faster, more definitive results.  All parties do not have to be present for the specimen collections at the same time.  Specimen collections can be done locally and nationwide through a network of specimen collection sites in the event that the parties live in different areas of the country.  Adults should be prepared to bring government issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or other state issued photo ID.  Children with no photo ID should have a birth certificate or social security card with the child’s name with them at the time of their specimen collection.

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