Hiring In This Economy?

Don’t Skip The Drug Test & Background Check!


As the local, regional and national economy continues to grow, unemployment rates are at an all time low causing problems for some businesses. Getting applications to fill open positions is not the problem – there are plenty of people looking for jobs still. The problem is, do you really want them working for your company?


Lower unemployment rates typically mean less qualified applicants for open positions. Even more concerning is the fact that those typically applying for positions are less likely to be able to pass a background check or a drug test. Companies sticking to stringent pre-employment screening guidelines are finding it will take longer to fill open positions, but they also realize the risk in loosening screening guidelines.


At what cost?

Hiring an employee with a criminal record or someone with a drug problem can quickly add up in unexpected costs for the company. Most companies would agree – they don’t want a registered sex offender walking into their client’s home representing their company. It is not worth the risk for the client or the company. The same can be said of a drug user. Stories of service personnel going into clients homes performing duties for the company and returning at a later time to burglarize the same home for drug money are becoming more and more common. Imagine the damage to your company’s reputation when your employee get arrested and charged with burglarizing your customer.


What to do?

Credible companies who are concerned about the safety of their employees, clients, customers and the general public are sticking to their pre-employment screening requirements – even if it means leaving an open position unfilled for a longer period of time. To fill those empty roles, some companies are now offering higher wages and more attractive benefits in an effort to attract good employees from competitors.


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