Hiring Problems

Advertising a new job. Reading applications. Phone interviews. Personal interviews. Making a job offer. Onboarding. Training. Is this the right person for the job or are you hiring a problem?


With unemployment rates at an all time low and the pool of good quality candidates getting smaller, it is more important than ever to properly screen applicants. Effective employee screening should include a background check and drug screen at a minimum. If the job is labor intensive, a physical should also be part of your employment screening process to make sure the candidate can handle the physical requirements of the job. These employees represent your company, your service, your reputation. Are they capable of doing the job requested of them? Are you confident they will live up to your expectations and represent your company properly?


Reality is that background checks, drug screens and physicals do add costs to the hiring process. These costs, however, are easily offset by reduced workman’s compensation insurance premiums, lower liability insurance premium costs, reduced accidents and absences as well as creating a healthier, more productive work environment overall.  In contrast, one problem employee can cost a business far more than any background check, drug screen or physical.


Carolina Testing is your one stop, full service employee screening solution provider. For a free, no obligation review and proposal of recommended screening services that will benefit your company, please contact us.


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