The old adage, “time is money” has never been more true. It didn’t take long for the management team of a small asphalt company in South Carolina to realize how much money was literally waiting for them when they evaluated their current drug testing service provider. Having used a local urgent care clinic for their drug test collections for years, company representatives didn’t realize there were options available to them until they were approached by a representative from Carolina Testing based in Conway, SC.

The asphalt company maintained an average of 120 employees in 2014, all of whom were subject to pre-employment and random drug testing as well as other forms of drug testing as needed. After reviewing the previous year’s drug testing information, the company found that 58 random drug tests, 32 pre-employment drug screens and 17 other tests were completed at the local urgent care clinic, for a total of 107 drug tests in one year. Average wait time at this facility was 2 hours or more for an employee to be taken care of.


The results of their review were astounding:

  • Average wait time at clinic: 2 hours per employee
  • Average wage per employee tested: $19.50 per hour
  • 107 drug tests X 2 hours waiting = 214 hours

214 hours waiting X $19.50 per hour = $4173.00

Over $4,000.00 was paid out by the company to have employees sitting in a waiting room.

The math got even worse as they dug deeper. On average, the company bills out $54.00 per hour per employee to its customers. While employees were sitting in the waiting room, the company lost $11,556 in billable hours.


The Carolina Testing Difference

Four months after switching to Carolina Testing for their drug testing services in September 2015, the company ran the numbers again. Average wait time was found to be less than 10 minutes.

The math tells the rest of the story:

  • Average time at clinic: 5 minutes per employee
  • Average wage per employee tested: $19.50 per hour
  • 107 drug tests X 5 minutes waiting = 8.92 hours
  • 8.92 hours X $19.50 per hour = $173.94
  • 8.92 hours X $54.00 billable hours = $481.68

TOTAL SAVINGS:  $15,073.38

Please contact Carolina Testing for a free, no obligation evaluation of your company’s drug testing program including cost reporting, policy review and other savings opportunities available to your company.